Zanolli, beyond the ovens

Since 1952, we have been supporting one of Italy’s most beautiful traditions: cuisine. We do it with our ovens, made for those who prepare perfectly what the world most admires about us: our pizza, pastry and cuisine.

We do it the Italian way, a complete Made in Italy production, which harks back to craftsmanship and handmade products, which are among the symbols of our beautiful country.

Cuisine, craftsmanship and… culture.

We have always supported the physical body and the mind, sports and arts.
We have never told you about it. Now, we would like to.

Cuisine, craftsmanship, culture and sports. They reflect the values ​​that most belong to us. They are what we are, since 1952. Not just ovens. Beyond ovens.


Beyond the ovens, we have sports: our company has stood by the Bentegodi Foundation for years; this is a historic sports club that has supported Verona’s youth for over 150 years and is a renowned talent incubator.

The characteristics of a good sportsman are also those that must identify a company that wants to distinguish itself: determination, overcoming one’s limits, spirit of sacrifice and passion for one’s work. All of this always while respecting one’s opponent and oneself. And then team spirit, that intangible value which cements relations over time and leads to winning even when at a disadvantage, or otherwise losing with serene dignity. We promote this team spirit, it speaks volumes about us.


Beyond the ovens, we have culture, which Zanolli has been closely linked to for many decades, sharing with it the ability to amaze and open minds. These are essentials for a company in constant evolution but with firm roots in its history and location.

We love expressing our love for art and we believe it is our duty to contribute to the promotion of local treasures. This is why it is natural for us to participate in the initiatives promoted by the  cultural  association IDEM, including the talk show festival “Genius and Madness” and the  “Beauty Festival”. Supporting this kind of events is a source of inspiration for us and allows us to show people that we welcome artistic sensibility and creativity even in the engineering sector.


Before anything else, together with the discovery of food as a source of survival and fulfilment, humanity has sought a way to communicate and leave a mark. Through rock carvings, hieroglyphs, the invention of writing, then painting, human beings have passed on to posterity the testimonies of their existence.

Food and culture, therefore, form an indissoluble union, which Zanolli adheres to for love of land and trade, to nourish its essence with the beauty and greatness of human genius.

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