Zanolli is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 for the entire process of design and manufacture of ovens, equipment and apparatus for pastry shops, pizza parlours bakeries and food outlets. The technological and design development path undertaken in 1952 has led to the production of innovative state of the art products and numerous patents. Amongst these Zanolli is proud of having patented in 1982 the first modular oven, the Teorema from which the latest Teorema Polis PW has evolved. 1987 was the year in which the first Italian Ventilated tunnel oven was launched. The technological research that brought it about still continues today with an eye to constant revision and improvement of performance. For this reasontheSynthesiscontinues to occupy the position of the European tunnel oven market leader for sales and product range.

Some of our patents:

  • 1964Rotisserie with parallel spits, independently positioned one above the other, with or without warming cabinet, supplied with gas burner, adapted for an even distribution of pressure.
  • 1972­– Planetary mixerwith or without hexagonal attachment for pastry shops, the hotel, restaurant industrial/chemical and similar sectors.
  • 1979Controlled spiral mixer  with a two axle slow output and multi speed reduction gear.
  • 1982Combined oven for pastry cooking, bill of fare and foodstuffs in general using different and distinct sources of heat.
  • 1982Modular oven  for pastry and multiple cooking.
  • 1987Automatic ovenfor products like pizza or similar
  • 1994Adjustable mechanism for conducting smoke at high temperature applicable to modular, tunnel or similar ovens.
  • 1996Gas oven for pizzas and similar products.
  • 2005Method and system  for the production of pizzas.
  • 2007Control mechanism  for the opening and closing of a tunnel oven
  • 2019 – AVGVSTO dome oven – Design
  • 2019 – AVGVSTO dome oven – Device and method of optimization of heat distribution inside a food-cooking oven; oven equipped with the aforementioned device
  • 2019 – SYNTHESIS tunnel oven – Design

We are in possession of production process certification, based on the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard Over the years, constant attention to standards of quality and aiming towards total customer satisfaction has given us the opportunity to register a large number of patents for the design and production of ovens and machines for pastry shops, pizzerias and bakeries.


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Zanolli is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 for the entire process
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