Zanolli and École Française de Pizzaiolo: together to train France’s best pizza chefs

Founded in the early 2000s by the Pizza chef Eric Riem, the École Française de Pizzaiolo today has already four branches in France. The care for a complete and high-quality training, which includes the financial and managerial know-how of the pizza making business, was key to the School’s great success. The choice of reliable and easy-to-use equipment was equally vital. In the over 10 years’ cooperation that bind us to the École Française de Pizzaiolo, our electric pizza ovens Citizen EP 70 and Citizen PW Digital, which according to Eric Riem has “the best quality/price ratio on the current market”, have contributed to the training of hundreds of pizza chefs. And now AVGVSTO, the star of the Neapolitan pizza, has joined the team too!

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