The real taste of handmade pastry

Wafer thin without creases or breaks: the Sirio pastry roller can roll out any type of pastry for pastry making perfectly. All thanks to its synchronized conveyer mats.

As parts of the pastry roller can be removed, cleaning is made easier: the blades and bearing protection preventing the infiltration of flour can be dismantled. In addition the space that it takes up in the working area is minimal: the elevating surfaces reduce its size when not in use.

Pastry Roller

Sirio has been designed and produced to prepare a thin but durable sheet of pastry for light and fragrant results.

5 good reasons to make Sirio your Pastry Roller

  1. Synchronized conveyers
  2. Able to work with any type of pasty
  3. Simple to clean
  4. Ease of use
  5. Space saving, thanks to elevating panels

Pastry rollers for pastry making, Sirio - Zanolli | Zanolli

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Sirio pastry roller
Sirio pastry roller


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