The new convection oven for pastry and bread with self-washing system and core probe

The new pastry convection oven TEOREMA ÀNEMOS enriches the Zanolli range of professional pastry and bakery equipment.

TEOREMA ÀNEMOS is a convection oven imagined for the most demanding professionals. It can be equipped with optional functions to embrace the broadest possible cooking scope.

To ensure superior and uniform cooking results, extreme care was devoted to the conception of the ventilation system. TEOREMA ÀNEMOS is an unreplaceable ally, capable of cooking perfectly even the most delicate products, such as puff pastry.

The self-washing system and the core probe grant endless cooking possibilities. In terms of productivity, TEOREMA ÀNEMOS has a capacity of up to 10 pans and can be integrated with the static professional oven TEOREMA POLIS. The Zanolli combi ovens enclose in a limited space a remarkable versatility.


Professional bread and bakery modular oven

Ànemos means Wind, Breath in ancient Greek. In Latin, the word got closer to the meaning of “soul”, “spirit”. 

The soul of the Teorema Ànemos oven is ventilation.

The breath turns into wind for a more uniform heat circulation.


5 good reasons for making Teorema Ànemos your convection oven

  1. ventilation respectful of the most delicate products
  2. available in both electromechanical and TOUCH versions
  3. automatic self-washing system in the full optional version
  4. core probe upon request
  5. production capacity of up to 10 pans


The new professional pastry convection oven is fitted with

  • bi-directional reversing fan system
  • water injection regulation
  • double speed fan regulation


Features of the proofer:

  • extractable oan-holding trolley
  • optional humidifier
  • door made of tempered glass
  • castor wheels with brakes

The new TEOREMA ÀNEMOS line will be available soon.

TEOREMA ÀNEMOS – Convection oven for pastry by Zanolli

Application Sectors

Pastry convection oven TEOREMA ÀNEMOS
Teorema Ànemos electromechanical control panel

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