To get a soft dough…

The Galassia Pane is a strong and robust kneading machine that makes soft velvety dough thanks to the ideal ratio between the spiral and the basin giving excellent oxygenation.

Two models are available, varying in capacity from 60 to 120kg of dough. The simple mechanics ensures maximum reliability and the two speed motors allow the user to vary the speed when necessary.

Spiral Kneading machines

The simple but robust mechanism of the Galassia Bread ensures perfectly oxygenated dough and a first class result from the cooking process.

5 good reasons for making the Galassia bread your kneading machine

  1. Preparation of dough that’s always soft and velvety
  2. Versatility
  3. Simple and robust mechanism
  4. Maximum noise reduction
  5. Ease of maintenance

Spiral kneading machine, Galassia pane – Zanolli | Zanolli

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Spiral Kneading machine Galassia Pane
Spiral Kneading machine Galassia Pane

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