All the tradition of dipping arms in one kneading machine

Indispensible for bakeries, pastry shops and in the confectionary industries, Eracle is the kneading machine recommended for processing both stiff and soft mixtures. Heating of the mixture is kept to a minimum. This is the why Eracle is so valuable.

Kneading machine with dipping arms

A system with dipping arms facilitates the oxigenation of the dough avoids overheating and gives superb results in pastry shops and bakeries.

5 good reasons for making Eracle your kneading machine

  1. Does not overheat the dough
  2. Works both soft and hard dough
  3. Superb oxygenation
  4. Simple to use
  5. Parts in contract with food made entirely from stainless steel

Kneading machines dipping hands for pizza, pastry making, Eracle – Zanolli | Zanolli

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