The made to measure combination oven

If you need a convection oven for production and you want to complete the cooking process with a static oven, Combi Teorema is the solution you are looking for: numerous modular stackable units to create the oven the way you want. Suitable above all for workplaces with a highly diversified production and where every different food product has need of a different type of cooking treatment.

You can combine:

5 good reasons to make Combi Teorema your own combined oven

  1. Maximum versatility
  2. Combination of the strong points of static ovens with those of convection ovens
  3. Numerous combinations available
  4. Opportunity to build the oven according to your specific requirements
  5. Space saving

Combination ovens for pastry making, bread, pizza, Combi – Zanolli | Zanolli

Application Sectors

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