Not only pizza!

The Citizen gas ovens are ideal for all kinds of pizza, but also for gastronomy. The refractory lining, fitted as standard on both top and bottom, as well as the burner placed underneath the chamber ensure the heat circulation needed to achieve homogeneous cooking results.

The oven is characterized by an electromechanical control panel that allows you to set the temperature functions and adjust the maximum and minimum flame intensity. The Citizen Gas ovens can be stacked up to 2 units and can be supplied with base with wheels or a leavening cell according to customer’s needs.

Gas ovens for pizzerias and gastronomies

You can choose between 6 or 9 pizzas baking units, that can contain 2 or 4 trays, respectively (40×60).

5 good reasons for making the Citizen Gas your oven

  1. Simplicityof use
  2. Energy saving
  3. Refractoryon top and bottom
  4. Adjustable flame
  5. Consumptionoptimization

Citizen Gas - Zanolli

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