Sophisticated design, advanced ergonomics, Italian tradition respectful of the environment


The new Zanolli dome pizza oven AVGVSTO® combines the aesthetic flavour of tradition with the ease of use of professional electric ovens, guaranteeing a top-level performance. It is available in the 6 and 9 pizzas version, with a maximum temperature of 500°C and a cooking chamber fully lined with refractory ceramic.


Electric dome oven for pizza

Innovation, aesthetics, power and distribution of heat make the new AVGVSTO® the Emperor of the Ovens. Dome, antiqued granite, rounded form, no cable, electronic control display, external part in coated stainless steel and 100% wood-free. Welcome to the true revolution. A boutique oven of traditional Italian appeal, but with 500°C clean energy for less than 10 kW (average electrical power Kw/h).


5 good reasons for making AVGVSTO your pizza oven

  1. Patented AIR TRAP SYSTEM®
  2. Full refractory ceramic lining
  3. Rack for peelswith peels amongst optional extras
  4. Customisable colours
  5. Design patented


Patented Air Trap System

This patented system exploits the hot air that accumulates inside the hood. AIR TRAP SYSTEM® creates an air barrier right before the mouth of the oven and keeps the heat inside the cooking chamber.

The advantages:

  • 30% saving of energy consumption for preserving the temperature inside the chamber, compared to a similar oven not equipped with this system
  • superbly even baking of the pizza in the whole chamber


Characteristics of the AVGVSTO dome pizza oven:

  • Maximum temperature 500°C (reached in just 90 minutes)
  • LED interior lighting
  • Thermal insulation for high temperatures
  • Cooking chamber entirely lined with refractory ceramic
  • Antiqued door keeps post-cooking heat inside the chamber
  • Antiqued black granite support surface
  • Armoured heating elements
  • Painted base, mounted on wheels or feet
  • Oven can be dismantled in 5 macro-pieces for a comfortable installation


Electric oven dome for pizza AVGVSTO by Zanolli ovens

Application Sectors

AVGVSTO dome pizza oven
AVGVSTO dome pizza oven
AVGVSTO dome pizza oven – Customizable red dome
AVGVSTO dome pizza oven – Cooking chamber detail
AVGVSTO dome pizza oven – mouth of the oven
AVGVSTO hood – electric pizza oven




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