Dough mixers for bread, pizza and pastry labs: choose the best dough kneading machines

In this section you will find a broad choice of robust and reliable professional dough kneading machines and dough kneading mixers with stainless steel structure.

Professional dough mixers are an essential tool for labs of pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shops. These machines are widespread in the field of foodservice in both restaurants and hotels.

Easy to use and discreet in volume, they are built with the best technologies to enable operators to work doughs rapidly and to obtain the most homogeneous doughs. Speed is indeed one of the outstanding advantages of using a dough mixer and a kneading machine: no need to use whisks or ladles, in few minutes it is possible to obtain homogeneous, well-amalgamated and oxygenated doughs.

Professional dough mixers, key players in modern kitchens

Among our of professional dough mixers, it is possible to choose different kinds of dough mixers for bread and for pizza, suitable to work both soft and hard doughs:

  • dough mixers with extractable bowl for bread and pizza
  • fork kneading machines
  • double arms mixers
  • spiral dough mixers with rotating bowl

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