A family history since 1952

1952 sees the launch of the Electropizza, the first electric pizza oven from Zanolli. The experience and enthusiasm of Giovanni Zanolli combined with the business acumen of his son Gianfranco gives rise to the first in a succession of fine products with a high degree of reliability. The Electropizza marks the beginning of Zanolli’s success in the field of the design and production of ovens and machines for pizza parlours, pastry shops and bakeries rapidly leading to the company’s expansion into European markets with the offer of a high quality Made in Italy product . In the 1970s Zanolli’s range of pizza, breadand pastry ovens are flanked by the creation of a line of kneaders, mixers, sheet pasty makersandgrinding mills from the Comida company, founded in 1977 to specialise in the production of this type of equipment. In 1982 Zanolli submits an extraordinary patent for the first italian stackable modular oven, Teorema, designed to suit the production requirements of its clients. In 1987the skilful hands of the Synthesis project team put together the first Italian ventilated tunnel oven that continues to be the European market leader for sales and product range. These are the minor and major revolutions that put Zanolli definitively at the forefront in the Italian and European pizza, bread and pastry preparation industry. To support the increase in orders, in 1991 and then in 2010,the metal workshop expanded and moved to the sites of what is still today the design and production headquarters in Sommacampagna and in Villafranca, in the province of Verona. In 2019, the range of pizza ovens is enriched with AVGVSTO, the boutique oven that combines style, performances and energy saving.

The events that have brought about our growth

1952 – Elettropizza, the first electric pizza oven
1977 –  Comida, company specialised in the production of kneaders, mixers, sheet pastry makers and grinding mills
1982 –  Teorema, the first modular oven
1987 –  Synthesis, the first Italian ventilated tunnel oven
1991 –  The  company moves to Caselle di Sommacampagna
2010 – Opening of the Villafranca headquarter

2019 – AVGVSTO, the electric dome oven patented for Design and Air Trap System

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Zanolli is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 for the entire process
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