Scuola della Pizza Italiana and Zanolli. Education without borders based in Udine

There is a School in the Italian Far East that attracts students from all over the world. The Scuola della Pizza Italiana was founded in 2009 and immediately gained visibility for its internationality, its focus on digestibility and valorization of local products, and, last but not least, for the entrepreneurial approach to training. Lorenzo Collovigh, Head of the School, is in fact not only a passionate teacher, but also an expert in restaurant business management. Notions of entrepreneurship are essential for any pizza chef aiming at combining imagination and ambition with concrete management skills.

Experience-tempered audacity is one of the features we share in common with the Scuola della Pizza Italiana, with which we started a partnership in 2015. Since then, teachers and learners have the chance to use a range of versatile equipment embracing the entire pizza-making process: dough preparation with the Galassia kneader; dough molding with the Ercolina divider and the Devil  pizza molder; different kinds of cooking methods with the Citizen Gas pizza oven, the Synthesis  tunnel conveyor oven, and now the AVGVSTO electric pizza oven, which has inevitably seduced a lover of strong sensations such as Lorenzo Collovigh.


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