Cast Alimenti and Zanolli ovens, a tasty collaboration that continues for 15 years

The collaboration with Cast alimenti started about 15 years ago, in the old days, you might say. Over the years the world of pastry and catering in general has changed a lot with an acceleration of growth and  exponential notoriety.

Cast alimenti has played a crucial role in the development of the professions of chefs and restaurateurs, has been and continues to be the driving force of this sector, forging talents and the place where experimentation and avant-garde is made. We are proud to have always been at their side and to have grown together up to becoming a Diamond partner.

At the school we use some ovens for pizzerias, in particular the Citizen PW oven and the Synthesis tunnel oven to illustrate the different types of pizza cooking and the pastry ovens, from static models such as the Teorema Polis fitted with a vaporizer for baking bread, the Planet ventilated ovens and the rotaries Rotor Wind used for pastry bases, in addition to different pastry machines. It is important to understand in the training phase the different cooking methods and the best technologies for the individual needs.

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